SUMMIT variation: Posse Model 4 year experience


One prof meets with a group of first years and is their mentor/instructor for four years. Teaches one group course each year:

First Spring: students meet with instructor, instructor has already defined a JOURNEYS destination–students have been distributed via ordinary means, they’ve selected where they want to go (instructor outlines a general notion: ie: NYC and the arts). The students meet in Journeys 1: Formation and the together with the professor and a provider they craft the trip. The trip YEAR 2: The JOURNEY happens SPRING 2nd year.
pros: 1. Leadership: students take part in learning and travelling; could do more scholarship between time of plan and the trip itself; retention? noone comes just for first year, bc anticipation of year 2. Opportunity for real bonding and real collaborative / team work.
cons: First year experience is less #1, unless we can define a SCALE or FCALE sexy first year leadership thing

Second SPRING: The Journeys course and a higher level of the current first year journeys course.

Third SPRING: a third year course with portfolios (4 credits) where students define and refine and make meaning from their education AT THIS POINT. Retreat to craft their statement of purpose.
PROS: make a learning portfolio not right before they leave, but in the middle of their education, heading into their senior years

FINAL SPRING: Instructor acts as advisor, coach and consultant (2 credit lab for taking alongside their individual capstone?) revisit, connect and make meaning from a four year relationship.
pros: an instructor who knows the student very well, knows their strengths and has a strong relationship with them to help them turn their attention (and portfolios) outward.