round heads

In Visual Thinking and Web Design: select a text (in this case: our head is round so our thinking can change directions); select an image (from the images that students took over the week–“ground” and “object”); create an image and text solution, treating each so that text and image collaborate to give the viewer a sense of the meaning of the expression.

begin with text:

and an image:

design so that each works with the other to express an idea.

image: select a round form, with roundy curly hair (head is ROUND) double, (to emphasize sense of roundness); vibrant color in text and image so causes viewer’s eye to bounce from one to the other –creating the exprience of ‘changing direction’ while looking at the work. text: color works with itself and against the background of curly hair to accentuate the back and forthness (again changing direction); text changes direction on the word direction, emphasizing the semantic. Where the two hair mounds intersect, there is an intesection of color (subtle). There is an exhange of blue and pink between the hair and the text–but one doesn’t own the color, instead shares it. (ie pink in the hair and in the text)


critique: “direction” gets lost in the first part of the word, but may be ok since the actual changing of direction causes a focus on that part of it. Also, cool how color theory comes in to play–the word direction is all the same pink, but appears different against the orange background (a color is influenced by it’s surrounding color, in this instance the value of light against the orange, becomes perceptively lighter, and the the value of “tion” against the white becomes perceptively darker). Possibly “our” should have a stronger emphasis so we know exactly where to start, and we are invited into the puzzle with a specific beginning. ‘thinking’ gets lost, but I like how it plays against the dark and light intervals of the curly hair, again emphasizing the changing of direction. The dark and light contrast of the curly hair (highlight and root) create an alusion of directional change.