Maker Space

Idea: Use existing 3d studio on ground floor of Dana as a college run maker space. Begin with invited makers for a semester. They make the space theirs for a time (one semester? One year? two?) in exchange for a stipend, a studio space (the maker space with office) and they give monthly workshops to the commumity. We buy equipment.

what is a makerspace?
What exactly is a maker space? Imagine a space that is part tool shed, part workshop, part computer lab, and part machine shop, with tools ranging from soldering irons and drill presses to CNC machines and 3D printers. Imagine a community of experts and novices all learning how to build and fix things as well as just making cool stuff.  That’s one example of a makerspace.  Of course you can also consult wikipedia.


WELDER [we buy–and keep– electrodes, feeds and safety gear]
PROGRAMMER [we buy a computer, learners bring their own, could also do a workshop on buliding your own computer]
WOODWORKER [specialty saws, sanders etc.]
SEWER [sewing machines, embroidery hoops etc., threads and misc]
SCREENPRINTER [shirt screens/stencils/inks/ screen wash space]
3D INVENTER [3D printers — inventor’s tools]

Could make a regional call for proposals (CFP), and ask to specify a specialty-or a set of specialties.

Space would need to be maintained and secure–could provide a student internship/apprenticeship during the year, the apprentice could teach using the equipment the following semester (pass on skills)

To equip existing space
1: gate off space to secure tools and for safety ($500)

2. Student (who has taken 3d thinking) to be the gatekeeper / leadership role, teaching/woodchuck position

3. Invite tech student / visiting workshop artist, in exchange for studio space they teach monthly workshops, we equip maker space over time with their specialty (metal, wood, jewelry, …)

4. (kirk? Visiting artistic type?)