Now add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge

sample use only

Something I didn’t know before. As I am mocking up a site for the DOC new idea for news dissemination, I looked up the college seal. It is round, so I thought it would be a good site icon–that is the little icon that is on the tab at the top of the site.

I searched “Agnes Scott logos” and came across the page on brand identity, a style guide for proper usage of the college logo.

What I found was:

image: a cirlce in the center of a a large white area with call outs. the circle is overprinted with "sample use only" covering the agnes scott college motto "Anno Domini MDCCCLXXXXIX"; formed in a circle inside the outside perimeter of the circle. inside of that is the text: II "Peter 1:5 In Fide vestra virtutem in virtute autem scientiam" inside of that an illustration of a star with outward lines indicating brightness next to a drawing of an open book. The dotted line call outs explain, in the lower left corner: "USAGE" and in the upper right "MOTTON"; in the upper left is the text: OUR SEAL. Text and outline images are in purple and black.
Usage and Explanation of the Agnes Scott College seal from the style guide, 2021

This is something I hadn’t recognized before–that the latin on the seal, the language in one of my favorite works by the college’s acapella group Sotto Voce, is from the bible.



II Peter 1:5

Now add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge

Also interesting: Here is an open listing of our trademark for the seal at the site Justia Trademarks which details our rights for its usage and the date of its update. Although I notice that the “Published for Opposition Date” is listed as 2018, so that probably falls under the umbrella of deferred maintenance.

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