Changing mid stream

i discovered something in my class today…

My notes from class today: abstract should be about how the restructure makes me feel more connected to and productive about this class

Watch videos before class

Attendance not mandatory

Change every day to reflect new structure

Change the worksheets for our class

Change point system

Post the salon dates

Watch videos before class (prep)

Getting your own domain/support

Images for square box

March 30

digital identity

march 30 in class:

Artifact selection

April 6

Artifacts and connections

April 13 in class:

Peer review (critique whole class—show off)

April 20

Open lab

Identity response:

March 30, 2021



Netflix doc on social media (relate to)
why WordPress?

Artifact Selection

Learning outcomes

  • Identify and assess one’s own values, interests, and abilities

intellectual identity

This is the place to show off.

Categorize, post, and display your showcase assignments, projects, activities, awards, and experiences. Artifacts are the evidence of your accomplishments. Go through your past course schedules, syllabi, Google Drive folders, My ASC Blueprint on Compass, and resumes to come up with a list of potential artifacts (papers written, presentations given, group projects, poster presentations, labs, videos, artwork, photographs, blogs, etc.) that you could include on your portfolio. Select artifacts that demonstrate the skills and strengths you want to showcase for your particular audience. Consider how different kinds of artifacts can demonstrate different kinds of skills (abstracts are different from presentation handouts, which are different from podcasts, infographics, oral presentations, poster presentations, performances, and art pieces). 

What is an artifact?

A representation of your intellectual I don’t know…

Capacity and identity, performance…




Science posters?

Extracurricular—images/posters (AND INTRO/context text)

LINK LINK LINK social media…


Lab work:

Widget—social media

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