CoPS: The Charge

Committee on post agnes success.
(AKA Committee on Professional success?)

Appointed to a term (til June 2020) committee by the DOC for a specific charge. This is a large faculty and staff committee, with a specific (large) charge on a tight–one semester–timeline.

I think it warrants its own subdomain, which, because with wordpress one can search and create according to creative whim and discipline, could possibly be used to show the versatility of the software. Maybe this can be an object lesson to show how this info could be used for reports (search by tag/category), assessment (same) and could also be an up to date communicator that could also welcome input (comments).

This will be an experiment with a portfolio for this particular committee.

The committee’s charge is as follows.

At Agnes Scott, we acknowledge the transformative power of a liberal arts education as an engine of social mobility. SUMMIT—global learning and leadership development—together with the depth of knowledge provided by the major prepare undergraduate students for post-graduate success. Graduate and post-baccalaureate students come to Agnes Scott for a similarly transformative education, seeking opportunities for professional and social mobility. This is the basic principle guiding our curriculum, though we have not put much emphasis on what post-graduate success means or how to achieve it. Guided by research from Art & Science, national trends, and a commitment to helping our students translate their liberal arts education to a wide range of post-graduate paths, the Committee on Professional Success (CPS) is charged with identifying, creating, and articulating the curricular and cocurricular elements that will make that commitment bring identifiable, assessable results for our graduates.

Bringing thoughtful attention to early professional success in our curriculum and co-curriculum and using it to benefit current students and to enhance our appeal to prospective students must be a community effort. The Faculty SUMMIT Committee (FSC) will continue its important role in developing early professional success elements for undergraduate students across the SUMMIT courses and activities. The CPS will study and make recommendations for the rest of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum and co-curriculum. The two bodies will confer with each other frequently to coordinate their efforts and to learn from each other, and together they will arrive at an overall vision. The CPS will also facilitate discussion among the wider community through means such as town halls, meetings with groups such as chairs and program directors and students, etc. Everyone who wants to participate in this important task should have multiple opportunities to do so.

As recommended by the FEC officers, the CPS will bring a report for discussion to the March faculty meeting, a general proposal to the April faculty meeting, and a plan to be voted on to the May faculty meeting. This plan should include a statement of principles that can be shared with multiple audiences to describe Agnes Scott’s distinctive approach for helping students make the most of their educational experience and for increasing their opportunities and possibilities in the early post-graduate years. The plan will include a variety of recommendations to be developed and carried out in continuing conversation with each other, guided by our vision and expertise.

Christine Cozzens, Vice President and Dean of the College, December 2019