the taps

strong/Funny/Changed my view/Beautiful/I Respect/Powerful/Listened/Supported


heart / emotion

stomach / anxiety

shoulders / weight

feet / action

Anjanette V 908-907-8703

Arin (transactivity/ prison abolitionsit)

triggers: disorienting
emotional trigger v psychological trauma (as a result of inflicted trauma)
manage your trigger
you feel disoriented/removed/angry
1. listen
2. mirror (is this what you are saying?)
3. confirm: is this what you meant?
4. ask for deeper story: why do you feel that way? (can I find a point of conneciton/relationship?)
5. name the impact (when you said this this is what happened to me

melody: i want to be called out on habits of inattentiveness
taylor: I want to be the advocate that I want others to be for me

observations . on posse retreat
setting intentions (holding themn in my hand drawing)

what i want: these young people to trust that I hold them

I need their energy, intelligence, hope, optimism, power–i want it to fuel my own energy, inteeligence, hope, optimism power

want them to know what I know–want to give them my experience/wisdom



R rights
R resources
R recognition
R respect

springfield: socail justice town

anjanet: theater of the oprressed/audre lorde

micro lab/ macro lab
“water the roots”

negotiations / compromise
wearing one out w/argument (unions)
lobbying / persuasion / conviction
the character that comes through in the persuasive…

body language: how much gets said without words (carole’s experience in prague, and what someone said about how much 95%? is said with body language

when things are scarce (resources: time/water) the triggers go off

Anjanet: the aquarium has always come in last, but this time it was #6, and that’s bc they had a specific plan (the fish poop as fertilizer) and recognized the farmers come first–so lobbied for their place, knew what the community needed, and collaborated…STRATEGY

raise your hand if you’re happy with the results (no one)


listening and attentiveness creates receptivity. buiilds trust. (even in just a few seconds)

Nell: quik perception and conclusions and loud voice. I am often too quick, people aren’t caught up wiht me, I’m too fast, too far ahead, I’m not explaining enough, not communicating. People aren’t with me bc I may not have brought then along…I can be overbearing, so certain in my conclusions, loud, forceful, drowny…

I should watch this!!

ME: when to use the voice, humor, connection power, when NOT to.

how does social media act as a barrier?

no space?

Irony: enslaved, who built the country, are being locked up
immigrants, who began the country, are being evicted

meeting chan diad

who’s your favorite person to talk to and why?

my dad. understanding, gentle, high expectatioins, believes in me.

trustworthy = vulnerable

listening makes you trustworthy

her generation: we have little fear. We don’t need to heed “respectability politics” there’s too much at stake, too dire. “well behaved women rarely make history”

(matt: one of the nicest things was the house singing to me at my 50th bday; also the party at apre diem for the tenure party)

Marta: google: inclusive teaching

our bodies ourselves: the personal is political, article by audre lorde: a litany for survival…

but when we are . silent we are still afraid

your silence will not protect you

How is my personal political?

Read into the Saturday night free write intense session:

Across the divide–a letter to the other
I noticed today that in the Venn diagram that formed in my mind–the intersections of mass incarceration, health care, education, immigration and the key words in social media=snowflake, illegal, wok, weak, elite–and in springfield–the farmers, the tenants, the resort, the hospital–the “problem” came in the form of “them”–when I “other” and objectify a human–this is when I lose. When I judge you, I condemn you, I kill you and I become only me in a world of people-shaped objects that I USE to fulfill a shallow stilted stagnant dead pool of fluid that I label as the fountain of ouith–I paint in mh own mind a glorfied ideal where I play by myself–alone and perfect. I am not alive. I don’t connect, I can’t relate when you are an object, an other, a “thing” for me.

I prefer the chaos of growing. Let me listen and watch you blossom, let me smile and absorb your beauty and your seasons–your springtime scent (so distinctively you); your brittle autumn, your winter dooms, your spring again, and again and again.

Let me see you–let me let you see me. I hope, I desire, I dream to let myself out of neatly categorized cabinet.

Robnesse: “but take my hand”

Lou–I hope when I speak you’ll be quiet. “I desire for my balck features to be desired” I know you want my body “my hari, my hose and my face comes with it”)

Cj: speak the truth “agnes as diverse”

Hannah: teh wars we fight

ideas in the “microagression/clueless people” camp

Advice comes off as telling me what to do

Race: I feel like I don’t get teh recognition I need/deserve

career center: we’re a number not a person

LEt’s just get this over so I can do what I want to do with my time

ON advising group: one advisor for four years

I feel like I have to be overly smart (race)

white girls love to cry

(white tears)

I’m overly smart, overly prepared

to prove, I didn’t just get in bc of diversity. and if you mess up (unforgiven). PPL trying to play it safe around me.

bad book in ir or poly sci (?) where one chapter lumps all the theories together– black nationalism; liberation / ideologies; lgbqt

I (as black) have to be the rep for all of my race.

that happens on journeys too–ghana sacred land, none of the white girls took of their shoes

(white girls cry)

(then i’m called too aggressive)


it’s about them “I’m so sorry my people made you do that” then they cry


ayanna bell: colored

poc vs colored

I”M lgbt…so I can use the n word, i am one of the oppressed–microaggression.

2 weeks in the school and i’ve been called colored twice

“but I have a black partner”

People playing black partners and whatever as cards, as cred

use of connections to black community to justify and not be accountable

journeys trinidad–race: past and present: two white professors who expect me to be a certain type of black

“don’t freeze people in time” — away to not be held accountable.

ok, then SHOW ME YOUR GROWTH (vs. don’t freeze ppl in time)

NG: “you don’t want to poke this bear”

I ahve to be careful every day. (ryan)

LGBQT / PROnouns / black

oppression olympics

at the end of the day–you may be gay/trans, but at the end of the day, you’re still white.

they say “why has everythign got to be about race?” because . it is.

want a black student center

could it be required to fulfill the summit reqt that you take a course in race? in micoraggressoin etc., do things like posse.

it’s so . black. seven white people. (two posse)

i have privilege

gbl? Ldr?

ng: tell me your creative side–show me

agne sis fake: you accept us so you can say “diversity” then you don’t support us.

lack of resources, lack of communication.

under representation:

better advertising at agnes of cultural events at other schools

we know race, faculty members who are saying condascending things to us. #forwhitepopelotoo

political science–who’s here? WHos at posse representaitng MY major?

Barbara: but do you all attend white funcitons?

a roar ensues, one gal falls out on the floor.

“Every function at agnes is white” We show up at white events, but where are the white people at black events?

they have group me–can i be in a group? Can there . be a group me that includes white and clueless?

brie is . the liason for the black power book club