MAP (My Agnes Plan): A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Planning Your Education.

The digital portfolio, a generic, misinterpreted and outdated moniker is not meant as a professional web site, but rather a powerful learning tool that makes learning visible. I think we can re envision it for more relevant and exciting results.


Introducing– NOT a Digital Portfolio, but instead a MAP (my agnes path) used as a blueprint to form and achieve a unique. YOU D.I.Y. with help from the educational experts (advisors/mentors/faculty/staff/peers) (it takes a village)

In this map you create a distinctive topography to plan each segment of the journey (semester/summer/tenure). Those segments link to courses, materials and experiences that create your educational, team and skill building curriculum. (a segment is each layer landform). Over time you image a topographical map of peaks, paths, ridges, and textures of your individual learning range.

Upon graduation, you’ll see your work in 3dimensions as you print a map of your individual blueprint. (do it yourself at the Agnes Maker Station!). The particular topography of your plan promises a unique image or object, reflective of the path you forged.

Mountains rise according to your focci and specialties: leadership could be a dedicated range; your major is another; your work experience another.
Interwoven into the layers are liberal arts concepts (infused with critical thinking; oral presentation; independent research) as well as professional skills (public speaking; organization; social media acumen; software proficiencies)

Peaks of performance are saturated with color, foundational skills are in tints and shades. You define your palette to represent each “thing” (specialty, major, minor, professional development). More study abroad? The global mountain is higher, deeper, steeper.

Benchmarks in professional and academic skills and honors can be demarcated with overlays or other symbols.

Faculty and SUMMIT advisors are map guides/rangers who govern and credit–trail guides who confirm level completion. This might happen at course selection as students visit advisors to select courses the following semester, and are given the “ok” to register.

Bonus: renditions of your plan for your social media stamp, poster for the wall, exciting quick CV or to hang alongside your diploma. (These you can also make yourself in the Agnes Maker Space!).