Fall 2020 Maker Sessions

From 10:30-11:30 on Friday mornings, I am offering bi-weekly sessions in Portfolio Building and Watch Me Work sessions.

Portfolio building : a time for working on our digital portfolios. You can join me as I work on mine, we can work together in a shared session, and discuss and question together or look around at inspiring sites. I am also glad to talk to about individual questions or “what ifs” on your portfolio (design or content or navigation or miscellaneous thises and thats).

Portfolio Building links:
Join Zoom Meeting https://agnesscott.zoom.us/j/94606873063
Meeting ID: 946 0687 3063

The other every other Friday will be Watch Me Work sessions. These are studio sessions when I will do creative work on an open “artist cam” for anyone to join in and watch, inquire etc. These sessions will range in material and location: working on clay, glass, graphic design, drawing, painting, building etc. Who knows? The making art sessions are not related to digital portfolios, but rather focus on Nell making stuff in the material world.

Watch me work links:
Join Zoom Meeting https://agnesscott.zoom.us/j/98580684966 
Meeting ID: 985 8068 4966

All are welcome to join any of the Friday sessions.
Mondays and Wednesday office hours are reserved for current students in my courses, advisees and potential majors.

September 11 / WATCH ME WORK
September 25 / WATCH ME WORK
October 9 / WATCH ME WORK
October 23 / WATCH ME WORK–by high demand, this date is changed to portfolio building
November 6 / WATCH ME WORK
November 20 / WATCH ME WORK

Links to recorded sessions (anyone with Agnes Scott address can view, anyone else interested, contact me) and descriptions of content:


Summary of sessions
Dates are linked to Zoom Video resource of the session




Screenshot of the process of Nell finding out the artist behind an image for copyright details


(select this link to watch the video)
In session one, I talk to myself for an hour, as I chase down an image on a blog in need of copyright attribution (with the help of Chris Bishop in the library); find out about GIZMODO, consider the 2013 publishing date, 2013; wonder how often people change jobs in the online publication world; make an exciting connection between the perceptual need for our brains to create CLOSURE and our emotional needs for the same, which makes me want to write an article on just why people believe things so quickly (it makes us feel secure) and why we make up stories, and why a kid doesn’t let you skip a page in that excruciating book that they want you read to them every night, but you try to cheat to make it go faster so you skip a page, and they get confused and mad because it isn’t the same); perform a reverse image search; consider the use of “notes” with links at the end of a post instead of links within the post (hard for easy-to-distract ppl like me); I contact the artist of the image (working in London); have an exchange with him wherein he gives me permission to publish, asking for attribution; which I include; consider writing a post about this sort of thing that happens so instantaneously now (that is, we found the artist, I contacted him in London, he wrote me back, we had an exchange and all of this within a 53 minute time-stamped window); I do some work in the dashboard of WordPress, and I publish a now longer and more complex writing on the Gestalt principle of closure). Oh, also I tell all my students about the article and send that out in Canvas. And if you’ve just read this, this is about how the conversation goes, so no need to watch the video.

September 11/Watch Me Work

In the FUSE LIGHT glass studio I am creating glass houses for my current creative project. Joining me on the Zoom is Molly Embry, with questions and thoughts about the project, glass and other things. Molly works on fixing her own glass project (a dragonfly mobile damaged in the mail) while we work.

Nell WMW session in Fuse Light warm glass studio


September 18 / Portfolio Buildingx

This morning’s session topics in Portfolio Building had two attendees, including an artist from the from the larger Atlanta Community who is working with WordPress to support her Studio website and an Agnes Scott staff member working to put together her own portfolio.





Nell’s agenda for 9/17 Portfolio Build



Topics: adding the (new and distinguished shade of purple!) official Agnes Scott logo to the Dalton Gallery site; considerations and analysis of how to make an image read; ways to change header image in a specific theme; adding / searching for widgets; adding instagram plugin to a page; setting up a wordpress site; setting up an Agnes Scott wordpress subdomain, through agnesscott.org and the Control (“C”) panel; selecting themes; using categories as menu items



September 25 / Watch Me Work

In THiS chapter: Nell works on renewing what will be the Agnes Maker space: securing pin walls; pulling up large vents; arranging tables that used to be in Maine.



Powertools, cleverness, ladders and more 



(this one’s fairly boring–if you’re watching probably best in high speed scrubbing)

Ocotober 23 / Portfolio Build

This week focuses on student portfolio building. First part is general overview, discussing approaches to organizing one’s portfolio in the first semester of undergraduate work in consideration and anticipation for a curriculum that includes art as part of a focal point within a liberal arts curriculum and learning sitse; the second part (starts at 22:11) shows how to establish a portfolio as a Waypoint in the Agnes Scott system, including defining a domain; explanation of a subdomain, how to create a subdomain (name and affiliation etc.) and how to install an instance of wordpress. I also go over the basics of selecting and customizing a theme, how to make a post and very light categories and tag