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LinkedIn Learning (login through via Agnes Scott single sign on)
This is an excellent educational tool. Formerly known as, Linked In purchased the platform a few years ago. This website was established many years ago as a learning platform and has short segmented in depth professional videos on a HUGE range of subjects, from Software to organizing your office. All of the videos are delivered by experts (their bios are on the site, you will be impressed), and are transcribed. You have the ability to create a play list and list that for your students, and to create bookmarks, as well as your own self-learning guide. IT bought a campus license so that we could all benefit. GREAT resource!


CDVL (Center for Visual and Digital Literacy) Remote Education Resource

Center for Writing and Speaking has online support in place

FORMATS for ONLINE meetings:

Get started with some overview instruction in LinkedIn Learning
ZOOM – mobile app For your phone

GOOGLE Hangouts Overview on Linkedin Learning

Google mobile app for phone

CANVAS instructions for synchronous meeting within Canvas LMS
Canvas TEACHER mobile app
Canvas STUDENT mobile app


LinkedIn Learning
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Old, but possibly renewing:
DEPT of ART AND ART HISTORY wordpress site


Nell’s webpage

Art and Art History Facebook pageSTUDIO SPECIFIC LINKS

Smart pedagogy on known social platforms: