Campus Movie Fest 10.8.19

16 movies selected for review at the premiere gala event

Idea: CMF is a local company that promotes film making on campus. In supporting bringing them to campus I hope to build a case for making videos and movies part of how Agnes Scott fits into a contemporary culture of Visual Literacy. Movies are ways to tell stories. Imagination, plus liberal arts plus movies will be magical.

Agnes Scott 2019 video winners

I had two classes compete with some pre-thinking about form (the CMF was especially early in the semester, so prep time was too limited! With more time we will be able to do some very interesting work with students. I am especially interested in interdisciplinary work: english (writing); music (experimental sound); theater (theatrics); art–and any subject for content…

Student samples:

Art 260: Methods in Art and Art History
Subject to Dream, by Adena Adams
In a Heartbeat, A tragic love story told from the perspective of the human heart. by Camryn King
*(award winner: drama)

WDC 630 Visual Thinking and Web Design
Blueberry: Experiencing pregnancy loss and infertility by Danielle Williams
*(award winner: documentary)
Saving Sarah: based on a true story by Rebecca Falco
*(award winner: documentary)
Black Farming in South Georgia: an oral history by Danielle Williams