Art Wish List

Dear Angel Investors:

Here is our partial wish list (since you asked):

If you want to invest to help the department of Art and Art History thrive, we have one bazillion ideas and love to collaborate. Contact us! We’ll buy you lunch!

Initiatives would be ongoing collaborative projects that give students and faculty a chance to experiment and create community engagement. Equipment allows us to take advantage of our beautiful building by replacing our old and decaying apparatus.

Dana Design (a student run graphic design firm)
Steam Shop Cafe (coffee shop in the steam plant–and book store? this could be interdisciplinary with ongoing thinking as a business model–business; economics; history; sociology; marketing; music; dance; theater…)
Liberal Arts Walking tour of the Natural Arboretumn

(these are very expensive and very sturdy, and if we were able to get them we would have consistent, flexible easels that wouldn’t leave pieces lying around when they break, looking sad and like the island of misfit easels, and they wouldn’t be a recurring cost.
(these are sturdy; collapsible and easy and neat to store; light enough to take outdoors for plein aire observation; good looking)
It would be awesome to have moveable/flexible walls to reconfigure the classrooms and floors as needed for various media and projects.